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The Alpha Group

Relaxation Session


Rid yourself of stress and anxiety.

We humans have an incredible ability to imagine things that aren't happening. By imaginging catastrophes or having negative thoughts, we flood our bodies with adrenaline, meant to help protect us from imaginary dangers. That was great thousands of years ago, however, in this day and age, it is less useful and can be outright damaging.  Negative thoughts not only affects us mentally, they also have a physiological effect, lowering our immune system. 

However, we can use our imgination to project ourselves positively into the future and plan how things work out well. In this session I will take you through a deep guided medidation that will speak to your subconscious and help you train your brain. You will come away thinking more calmly and rationally so you can feel much more relaxed within yourself. 

You will be able to more easily overcome anxiety and naturally start to enjoy life as it happens. 

Duration: 30 mins

Fees: USD 35.00

Location: Zoom
(Zoom meeting link will be provided in the confirmation email)

Instructions to Join: Click on the ZOOM link 5 minutes before the appointment. Make sure your video & sound are working.

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